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Advanced Placement

AP English Class 2009

Fort Frances High School English AP students did extremely well this past June.

Out of 319,653 students who wrote internationally, 75% of FFHS students performed in the top quarter in the Free Response (essay) section of the exam.

There are 2 main sections of the 3-hour exam: The Multiple Choice, which is comprised of 68 questions based on four sight passages, and the Free-Response which requires students to respond to two prompts based on sight passages and one prompt that allows them to use a novel they selected.

In the Multiple Choice category, FFHS students outranked the overall mean, save one category where they tied:

  • Prose: FFHS ranked 6% higher
  • Poetry: FFHS ranked 5% higher
  • 20th Century Literature: FFHS tied
  • Pre-20th Century Literature: FFHS ranked 9% higher

In the Free-Response category, FFHS students exceeded the international mean by 15%, specifically:

  • Poetry: FFHS ranked 15.6% higher
  • Prose: FFHS ranked 14.4% higher
  • Open: FFHS ranked 14.4% higher

Needless to say, perhaps, this is an extremely challenging exam and the Global Average suggests that the marks overall were quite low. The final "mark" they are given is out of "5" and reflects how they stand in preparedness for taking second year university English courses:

1=not qualified
2=possibly qualified
4=well qualified
5=extremely well qualified

To put the Overall Grade Distributions into some perspective, of the 319,653 students who wrote, only 7.4% achieved a "5". Well over half of FFHS students achieved "4".

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