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Academic Assistance Program October Update

The month of October has been busy and productive for the students assisted. Here are a few highlights:

- to date, the AAP has made 132 student contacts, via appointments made or by visiting classrooms to speak with individual students

- the lunch program has continued to grow and between 12 - 18 students a day use the program. Many of these students are self-referrals who are walking in and looking for assistance with their work or a place to get their work completed. We have noticed that the majority of these students are in grade 9.

A big thank you to all of the teachers for encouraging students to take initiative and use the room at lunch.

- I visited period 2 classrooms of essential and applied level Gr. 9 students and met with specific students who needed to be introduced to the lunch time program. If you know of a student who needs to be introduced to the lunch time program, please let me know and I will be happy to seek them out and show them around. This idea came from one teacher who walked a student down one day to show them the room as the student was too shy to come on her own - the student attends regularly now!

- if you are a Gr. 9/10 Essential or Applied level teacher and would like some assistance in your classroom (period 2,3 or 4) to help organize students' binders, please let me know and provide me with the particular student's name. We can look at booking a period in the near future to do this. I have worked with a few classes already and this seems to be a need for the students we are assisting.

Just a reminder that if you are seeking assistance for a student or a group of students, drop me an email or call me at Ext. 265 before sending the student(s) down to Room 151. I am often working in a classroom and not always available in Room 151. Thanks!

As midterm quickly approaches, teachers please continue to encourage students to use the lunch program!

Natasha Shack
Academic Assistance Program Teacher

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