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Guitar Final Evaluation Information

Here you can find information and links to resources for the final evaluation in Grade 10 Guitar at FFHS.

As with any Ontario secondary course, term work is worth 70%, and a final evaluation is worth 30%. Completion of a final evaluation is necessary for completion of the course.

The final evaluation in this course consists of two parts, each consisting of 15% of students' marks:

A final project: The Guitar Handbook

This project gets students to put together a personal songbook / handbook with strumming songs of their own choosing, examples of music that demonstrate their skills and knowledge, a reference section for chords, scales, tuning, etc., and personal reflection on their progress as a student of guitar music. This will be presented in a well- organized binder, and the final date of acceptance is the last day of classes: Wednesday, June 14.

A playing exam: Playing Exam Outline

This will take place during exam week. Students sign up for a 15 minute time slot for an individual playing exam. As shown on the outline, students will be asked to perform material and demonstrate knowledge and skills learned throughout the course.

Playing Exam Schedule Info:

A link to the playing exam schedule is posted here (in progress). You should check the main exam schedule to see when your other exams are and choose a time slot that works for you. Most students choose to do their playing exams on a day when they're already in the school for another exam.

Once the playing exam schedule is set, changes may be made if necessary, but it must be reasonably in advance. If the request is made by email or by a phone message, it must be confirmed by me before the change is considered to be made.

Students and parents/guardians are reminded that attending the playing exam, as with any exam, is mandatory. To minimize the risk of losing a credit, if a student misses a playing exam, that student and/or that student's parents/guardians will be contacted to: determine the reason for missing the exam; and to determine if a makeup exam time is appropriate.

Playing Exam Piece:

Preparation and performance of an exam piece makes up the largest component of the playing exam. Students will prepare and practice it, and perform it at the playing exam. The ability to take a sheet of music at this level and to turn it into a musical performance independently (with some guidance, of course) demonstrates a good part of the expectations of what a student should be able to know and do by the end of this course.

Here's a link to the exam piece that students must perform:

Prelude for Guitar in C Major - Carulli

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