Teaching Staff

Secondary - Elementary Staff
Staff Name
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Phone 807-274-7747
Office Extension Number
Algie, Heather  Secondary 265  
Angus, Shandy  Secondary  
Arpin, Sarah  Secondary 253 CO-OP
Bruyere, Catherine  Secondary 231 Guidance
Cain, Jason  Secondary    
Church, Brian  Secondary    
Connor, Kelly  Secondary    
Cooper, Neil  Secondary    LSC
Coyle, Bryce  Secondary    
DeGagne, Kalon  Secondary    
Denby, Sherree  Secondary    
Erickson, Donna  Secondary Languages 238  
Faragher, Alyssa  Secondary
Gibson, John  Secondary Math 243  
Gouin, Vince  Secondary Tech 246   
Guertin, Robert  Secondary Tech 246   
Gustafson, Brian  Secondary Math 243   
Handberg, Erika  Secondary Lang 238  
Hill, Chris  Secondary Soc Sc 250  
Hines, Lee-Anne  Secondary Music 248   
Jarvis, Mary  Secondary Soc Sc 250  
Jean, Christine  Secondary Phys Ed 251  
Knutsen, Marla  Secondary Special Education - 261  
LaRocque, Shannon  Secondary Science 242  
Laur, Andrea  Secondary Soc Sc 250  
Little, Amanda  Secondary Lang 238  
McKinnon, Kim  Secondary Lang 238  
McLean, Tamara  Secondary Guid 233  
Michaud, Dany  Secondary Guidance 257  
Milne, Ilka  Secondary Tech 246  
Ogden, Roben  Secondary UNFC 274-8541  
Rajala, Jeff  Secondary Soc Sc 250  
Redford, Paul  Secondary Tech 246  
Richardson, Kendall   Secondary Science 242   
Roen, Duane  Secondary Science 242  
Roen, Tracy  Secondary LSC   
Rybuck, Denise  Secondary LSC 261  
Spooner, Josh  Secondary Science 242  
Ste. Croix, Greg  Secondary Phys Ed 251  
Tucker, Janine  Secondary Math 243  
White, Farrell  Secondary Lang 245  
Grades 7 & 8 Staff
Andy, Shirley  Intermediate Ojibwe  
Bonner-Vickers, Jody  Intermediate  Grade 8  
Taylor, Julie  Intermediate Grade 8/French   
Ogden, Jeff  Intermediate Grade 7  
Petsnick, Angela  Intermediate Grade 7  
Bradley Gushulak  Intermediate Grade 8  
Jordan Larson  Intermediate Grade 8  
Darren Strickland  Intermediate Grade 8  
Bowles, Trevor  Intermediate Grade 7  
Hill, Nicole  Intermediate French  
Jones, Jason  Intermediate Ojibwe  

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